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Britain joined America in striking targets in Yemen in response to Houthi attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea.

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Britain joined America in striking targets in Yemen in response to Houthi attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Post-Brexit Britain continues to play a leading role in keeping the high seas safe for international trade. Divisions amongst European leaders led to Italy, France, and Spain refusing to participate.


UK defends freedom in the Red Sea

The chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, Robert Buckland MP, this week said that unionist politicians should stop focusing on consitutional issues which he said “are the province of negotiators from the UK government or… the EU”. His view is, unfortunately, typical of EU sympathisers – the all-important issue of who makes the law and how, should be left to anonymous civil servants while elected representatives should busy themselves with ‘bread and butter’ issues. Buckland heads the Commons Northern Ireland Affairs Committee which recently advocated changing the Good Friday Agreement to effectively remove the DUP’s ability to block the operation of the NI Assembly.

Sadiq Khan has been spreading fake news on Twitter about the impact of Brexit on London – even the New Statesman has described it as ‘baloney’. His dodgy figures have been thoroughly discredited but he refuses to acknowledge he is wrong. For all the howling about dishonesty amongst Brexiteers, it is remainers and rejoiners that have difficulties facing up to reality.

Tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets of Warsaw in reaction to the increasingly authoritarian government of Donald Tusk. This week, two former ministers were arrested while inside the President’s palace. President Duda expressed outrage and has pledged to pardon both, demanding their immediate release. Tusk is using potentially illegal means to change the management of broadcasting in Poland.


Polish protestors take to the streets.


Robert Jenrick MP on the Safety of Rwanda Bill

A cautionary tale about climate policy – floods and dams in Germany


The UK’s Trade Negotiators Are Post-brexit Heroes by Robert Lee

Amid the media’s relentless focus on the negative, a great UK success story is proceeding almost unnoticed. From a standing start post-referendum, in a world of rising protectionism, the UK’s free trade drive is achieving remarkable results. Our trade negotiators have become world class in short order. Groundbreaking agreements are being made in the digital trade and services sectors so vital to the UK. Future UK economic prospects are being raised. Key geopolitical and strategic objectives are being met. This is Global Britain in action!

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