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Thank goodness we are now leaving the EU! Kate Hoey

In this exclusive B4B podcast Hoey tells us why she thinks that vote means the UK will now Brexit the EU in March next year and why that will ultimately be good news for the UK economy.

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Long time Brexiteer Kate Hoey MP tells B4B: ”Thank goodness we are now leaving the EU!”

Kate Hoey the ardent long time Brexiteer Labour MP for Vauxhall, has faced calls for her deselection since she was one of six MPs who voted down a Conservative rebels amendment to the Trade Bill and against her own Party whip, which would have kept the UK in the Customs Union when we Brexit the EU.

In this exclusive B4B podcast Hoey tells us why she thinks that vote means the UK will now Brexit the EU in March next year and why that will ultimately be good news for the UK economy.

Hoey, who was Co-Chair of Labour Leave in the 2016 referendum, says she believes it is time that David Davis published his version of the White Paper to allow Brexiteers to talk that up as an alternative to Theresa May’s much criticised White Paper and the Chequers agreement that lead to those high profile ministerial resignations including Davis’s own and that of the former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Hoey also said she thought the issue of the Northern Ireland backstop was being “weaponised” by the Remainers.

Hoey told B4B:

Northern Ireland is part of the UK and we cannot end up with a relationship with the EU that treats NI differently from the rest of the UK. The NI border issue has been completely weaponised by people who are using it for different reasons.

Hoey also dislikes the BBC’s flagship Today Programme and said it was giving too much air time to the Remainers who were promoting “monstrously stupid” ideas about food shortages, and delays at customs checks and planes not flying should we drop out of the EU possibly on World Trade Organisation rules.

Hoey said: “I can’t believe the media allows people to get away with these ridiculous stories. There is not a morning on the Today programme when there isn’t someone coming on with a scare story of what might happen. How does the rest of the World cope? The EU is 27 countries out of the whole World it is not even Europe and the rest have managed to get their food and medicines in. It is just monstrously stupid the way some people have hyped this up and the idea that the Irish government would stop British planes flying over their air space, I think they might find that actually would lead to a lot of Irish people being very, very angry indeed.”

Hoey doesn’t believe Tony Blair’s calls for a new party to be set up in the centre in favour of Remain would take root and that she didn’t think Blair had “any real credibility” with the average person rather than the London establishment.

Hoey who is a member of the European Scrutiny Committee, said she had not been impressed by the performance of the civil servant leading the Brexit negotiations for the UK, Olly Robins when he appeared before the Brexit Committee this week. She also thought that the Leave campaign was being unfairly criticised by the Electoral Commission.

She said:

I really wish the PM was involved in the negotiations. I wasn’t impressed by his (Robins) performance. He is coming to our Scrutiny Committee in early September, and if he is leading in our negotiations I can see why we are being done over. I thought Rabb was much stronger, and I liked some of the statements he and Hunt were making about a No Deal situation.

Hoey continued by saying a new Brexit White Paper was now needed:

I think there is a need now for the David Davis White Paper to be published in full. For those of us who opposed the White Paper and the Chequers deal we now need to write our own White Paper. Bits of it have been published. We are seeing huge amounts of money from foreign donors into the Remain campaign. The Leave Campaign is being treated very unfairly by the Electoral Commission.

Kate, who opposes a second referendum, said that she thought in retrospect the Leave Campaign should not have disbanded but that if push came to shove she was sure that voters would still rally round and vote for Leave again if they were asked particularly as the EU was visibly taking such a hard line against the UK’s Brexit.

She said that 29 years ago she had opposed the Maastricht Treaty and that serving as a minister in the Blair government who sometimes dealt with Europe on Justice and other issues she could see and disliked its back room deals.

She said:

I don’t like that kind of politics, I could see we were losing control of our own politics. We need to make our own laws and not pay extortionate amounts of money to the EU, and have our own trade deals and most of all feel confident again about our country as a country rather than being part of a union that was working hard to get a Federal Europe. It is not going to be the same EU when we leave and I don’t think the British public would stomach going back in after we have left.

Hoey ended with this upbeat message to voters:

We have been in the EU for 40 years. I think people will look back, even in ten years’ time, and say thank goodness we left, just like we look back now and say thank goodness we didn’t join the Euro. We will look back in ten years, time and say thank goodness we left we made the right decision.


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